Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Soul Kitchen

Yesterday I had to cook an onion soup, and this is a kid of recipe with long times on less concentration. The ideal recipe for watching a movie with no risks. And what's better than a movie which talks about cooking?

And here comes Soul Kitchen, the best German movie ever! Full of people, music, recipes, health problems, night drunkenness, knives, dishwashers and much more. Sadly it lacks of pasta, but the plot is somewhat piratish, however. I think this movie must be shown in cooking class too. Maybe.

What makes the story even better is the location. It's not New York or Los Angeles like the 99% of movies, but Hamburg, and even if nothing in the movie makes this place necessary, there's a moment during the movie that you understand that a plot like this needs a special city. And what's better than a city in northern Germany with canals like Venice?
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