Friday, 6 December 2013

The Goonies

The first movie start the new category "movie with pirates" is even the best pirate movie ever: The Goonies!

Here's the plot: the first Gooonie ( = Goon Docks inhabitant) is a pirate named One-Eyed Willie, chased by English warships and forced to hide in an huge cave near Astoria, Oregon, with ship, treasure, crew and all. The story starts three centuries later when an highly assorted group of boys decides to find the hidden treasure, between nasty pirate traps and dangerous criminals.

Why is this movie so cool? Well, probably because it's really well done. Something like an Indiana Jones, but without nazis.

Here's a screenshot of our heroes studying the treasure map. The first one, with the mouth full of ice cream, today is a famous advocate for Hollywood stars. The second one made an hobbit in a famous trilogy. The third has been involved in a process with Michael Jackson. The last one helped Indiana Jones in The Temple of Doom driving a cab with two bricks tied under his feet.

There are many things to say about The Goonies. My favorite one is that was filmed in Astoria, but all the locations are real, and their distance followed during the movie. So, you can try to do the same path to the treasure just looking at this .

There's a pirate ship in the movie: it's One-Eyed Willie's Inferno. It was built using ropes and material from another pirate ship coming from a Disney park, which was unused in that period for maintenance. At the end of the works it  was put on auction, but sadly no one was interested, so it has been dismantled. I discovered this just a few days ago. I'm still wondering how beautiful would be my garden with the Inferno staring in the middle. Why in a garden and not, for example, pillaging around the seven seas? Because I'm not so sure that this ship can float.

During the film, there's a scene when Chunk, saying he's depressed, shot a bottle of whipped cream directly in his throat. So this film could be even in the category movies with creative use of whipped cream. In a couple of minutes, Cyndi Lauper will sing on TV a song dedicated to the Goonies themselves, called The Goonies 'R' good enough. The video shown is not that interesting, but that's not the real video for the real world: the real one is much better, and it was filmed after the movie with a lot of strange guest stars, like the wrestler Andre the Giant, and a lot of the goonies themselves. And the plot of course is based on the movie. Here's the video:

As you can see when the clip ends, there's a second part. Here

Nothing more to say, except:

Spoiler one: they will find the treasure.

Spoiler two: no one will die. Neither the chasing criminals.


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